Excerpt from Chapter 8, "THE LEGEND OF 'EL DIABLO'."


Introducing the first Children's Book about Savannah Cats:

"Then he lunged at me, but I was ready for him.  I jumped straight up and landed on the high wall.  When I looked down, I saw a very angry and confused coyote.  He said, 'What's this?  How did you do that?'"

Excerpt from Chapter 7, "OUT THE WINDOW TO FREEDOM:"

"As I jumped out onto the roof, I heard my humans running up the stairs.  I quickly jumped up onto the top of the house.  Oh, it was the most glorious feeling!"


The Adventures Of Songha is a 66 page chapter book for children from ages 8-12, and for cat lovers of all ages.  It is the fictionalized story of my F-1 Queen, Songha, complete with many beautiful illustrations and lots of exciting adventures, from her daring escape through an upstairs window, to a confrontation with a notorious wild coyote.  And the story is told by Songha herself, giving everyone a "cat's-eye" view into the heart and soul of this unusual exotic feline. 

While it is a children's story, it is also meant to familiarize  people with these rare and beautiful cats.  As Savannah cats are a relatively new breed, most people know nothing about them.  I have found that when I do book signings, the majority of people that I meet have never seen a Savannah cat.

This little book is endearing everyone to these adorable, bright, and absolutely awesome pets.  It is a great unique gift to give to any cat lover , and of course it would be a book that children will treasure.

Here are some excerpts from the book and also some of the wonderful illustrations that help make the story come to life.